Custom cosmetic packaging - Modern Packagings Solution

Custom cosmetic packaging - Modern Packagings Solution

Enhance the value of your Cosmetic products With Cosmetic Packagings

You can represent your brand and products effectively with cosmetic box packaging.

Custom Soap Boxes
Custom Lip Liner Boxes
Custom Nail Polish Boxes
Custom Mascara Boxes
Custom Makeup Boxes
Custom Lipstick Boxes
Custom Lip Gloss Boxes
Custom Hair Spray Boxes
Custom Eyelash Boxes
Custom Beard Oil Boxes
Custom Perfume Boxes
Custom Cosmetic Boxes
Custom Eye Shadow Boxes
Custom Essential Oil Boxes
Custom Hair Color Boxes
Custom Hair Extension Boxes
Custom Hangable Hair Extention Boxes

Why you should choose cosmetic box packaging?

Are you interested in presenting your cosmetics in the style of your youth? Is there anything unique you can offer them? Our packaging experts know how to meet all your eco friendly cosmetic packaging needs. We make flawless cosmetic packaging box. It is easier to feel better with the right lipstick, eyeshadow, lip liner boxes, and other cosmetics shades.

We at Cosmetic Packagings give you the freedom to choose cosmetic packaging for small business that perfectly meet your cosmetic box packaging needs. Our eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can be customized completely to meet your needs, in the shapes, styles, printing, accessories, and embellishments you desire.

The packaging of trending and newly launched cosmetics should also be lavish. You will get dream cosmetic packaging wholesale that speaks loudly for your cosmetic brand by combining innovative packaging approaches, advanced technology, and budget-friendly techniques.


Make Your Day Great With Us

Our goal is not only to customize your cosmetics boxes but also to provide you with a great buying experience every time.

Starting from 300 boxes

Our minimum order quantity for cosmetics packaging is 300. With our cosmetic packagings boxes, you can start your journey right away.

Free and Fastest Delivery Time

We are giving you free and the fastest delivery for cosmetics packaging. Your cosmetic packagings for small business or any business will be at your place on time.

State of art Printing Quality

A combination of high-quality printing ensures good results. It will give your product a more aesthetic appearance.

Competitive Pricing

We are providing you with various cosmetics packaging options at a reasonable price. We provide reliable and cost-effective cosmetic packaging services.

Custom Sizing And Styles

Choose the style and size according to your preference. It will have a big impact on your brand's image.

Minimum Sample 100 Boxes

A minimum of 100 boxes is required for sample orders. Sample is not free.

Customize Your Cosmetic Packaging For Your Products

We use cosmetics to satisfy our beauty needs, including makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrances. With skincare, our skin remains healthy, with makeup, we enhance our features and boost our confidence. We preserve our vitality With hair care and express our individuality with fragrances.

Women want to look more attractive and confident in their social circle or among their loved ones. As a result, they always remember to apply cosmetics before attending any event, party, or occasion.

Therefore, such beauty collections require the same level of custom cosmetic packaging to appeal to consumers. Besides describing the products, these boxes help female customers choose lipsticks, mascaras, lip liners, face powders, and other cosmetics. The cosmetic packaging boxes nicely depict beauty products’ shades, types, and ingredients. Your cosmetic products appeal to both males and females.

When selecting cosmetic items, it is important to consider personal preferences, skin type, desired outcomes, and aesthetic preferences. They consider factors like ingredient sources, shades, benefits, and brand reputation for effective results. Want to educate customers about cosmetics? Custom cosmetic boxes with information about the inside-placed cosmetic item showcase the actual image of your lip gloss boxes or lipstick box.

How To Design Custom Cosmetic Boxes?

There is no better company than Cosmetic Packagings in the USA regarding custom cosmetic boxes. Packaging in our premium cosmetic boxes will make your products more visible on shelves. We utilize our avant-garde printing technology to flawlessly print graphics, product information, colors, and other digital graphics. 

Our cosmetic products are available in a spectrum of colourations, and we empower you to capture the precise shades for your packaging. Leveraging PMS and CMYK printing techniques, we ensure your packing containers mirror the authentic essence of your cosmetics. Elevate simplicity to luxury with our gloss, matte, or spot UV coating alternatives, employing superior finishing strategies for effect.

Our ultra-modern die-slicing machinery allows seamless integration of die-reduce windows, reworking wholesale cosmetic containers into enticing showcases. Precision and innovation outline our method, ensuring your packaging not best protects but also complements the appeal of your beauty treasures. Unleash the capacity of your logo with our comprehensive solutions.

Protective Cosmetic Boxes For All Cosmetics

The best way to preserve the quality of your cosmetic products, prevent physical damage to them, ensure consumer satisfaction, prevent returns and exchanges, and gain the trust of your customers is to keep them in safe custom-made cosmetic boxes, whether small or large. Quality is never compromised when it comes to cosmetic items. You should, therefore, pack your fragile cosmetic bottles, tubes, and jars in sturdy cosmetic packaging. You can keep all your types of cosmetic products safe.

Make a lasting impression with our custom eyelash boxes. Display the beauty of your hair extensions with our thoughtfully designed hair extension packaging. Our box spray hair enhances your hairstyling issues.

Our box nail polish is made from sturdy stock, and their containers are protected from damage. Creating custom cosmetic packaging boxes requires sturdy stock. The stock we use in essential oil box is always of the highest quality.

Enjoy the luxury of a mascara box that keeps your products safe. Keep your makeup safe and attract customers with our custom makeup boxes.

Offering you Cosmetic Packaging AT Affordable Rates

There are different types of packaging needed for cosmetic products to be presented on the market by every cosmetic brand. custom cosmetic boxes with low prices and high quality are also popular among them. In addition, they prefer to receive orders of cosmetic box packaging within a short timeframe. Cosmetic product manufacturers can rely on us for all their packaging needs. We provide low minimum orders for cosmetic packaging and special discounts on bulk orders.

We offer affordable custom eye shadow boxes that will captivate your customers at first sight. In addition, we offer CUSTOM HANGABLE HAIR EXTENSION BOXES at low prices for your brand.

A beard oil box is the best option for those who run a business selling beard oil. Custom hair color boxes are available to keep your product safe from getting damaged.

Custom perfume boxes can make your brand a leader in retail. You have complete freedom of customization choices to get bespoke custom soap boxes.

Various Size of Cosmetic Boxes Available Based on Product Types

Packaging boxes for cosmetic products should be designed based on their dimensions and characteristics since they come in various sizes. Cosmetic boxes are available in various shapes and styles to ensure a precise fit, complete protection, a pleasing appearance, and an easy unpacking process. Our packages are available in multiple sizes according to the product’s dimensions and size. These are some of the ideal sizes of custom cosmetic boxes.

Small Size Boxes:

Size of Lip gloss Boxes: 10.7 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm
Size of Nail Polish Boxes: 6 x 6 x 2 inch

Medium Size Boxes

Size of Cream Boxes: 3 x 3 x 3 inch
Size of serum Boxes: 2 x 2 x 5 inch

Large Size Boxes:

Size of Cosmetic Shipping boxes: 8 x 6 x 4 inch
Size of Cosmetic kits: 6 x 4 x 2 inch

Using advanced die-cutting machinery and experienced die-cutters in our vicinity, we can manufacture custom cosmetics packaging boxes of any size. Our cosmetic boxes are tailor-made to help you package your products perfectly when you provide us with the dimensions of your products. Each cosmetic box you order from us is guaranteed the right length, width, and diameter.

Join us to Get Multiple Benefits for Your Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale Project:

  • Our wholesale rates are very competitive and our design assistance is free
  • Customization options and free shipping are available
  • We offer the best possible buying experience

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